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Ancestral knowledge

The social area is one of the Hotel's coziest spaces for lovers of good music and relaxing chats that flow at a typically Bahian rhythm. There is a bar and kitchen filled with vinyls and books integrated into the living room. It's there that drinks and dishes are crafted from the freshest ingredients of the day provided by small producers and local fishermen. The Bahian chefs and bartenders make sure to share the knowledge they've acquired over generations to keep regional artisanal techniques alive.


Breakfast 7am - 10h30am
Pool Appetizer Menu 11am - 1pm
Menu Lunch 1pm - 6pm
Menu Dinner 7pm - 11pm

Chef Fernando Luz

"Cooking reminds me of my mother, of the delicious food I ate as a child and of family moments. Cooking is my life, and I love to transmit a little of this feeling to the people who come to our restaurants"

The son of a fisherman, Fernando was born and raised in Itacaré. He has fond memories of the food his grandmother prepared during his childhood. He headed the kitchen at the Barracuda Boutique for 6 years, and now has been running the gastronomy of Barracuda Hotel & Villas since its opening.