Barracuda Hotel & Villas small luxury hotels


A reference in sustainability
and well-being

With organic, harmonious contours, the structure that appears to be sprouting out of the Atlantic Forest was created with sustainability and respect for the environment as central pillars of its design. A desire on the part of the owners of Barracuda Hotel & Villas to take advantage of local knowledge both in the construction techniques and the materials utilized translated well into the architectural lines and landscaping.

From the conception of the physical structure down to the everyday services, the team, engaged in providing the guests with remarkable experiences, follows the current best practices to minimize impacts on nature and create a legacy for the local community and generations to come.

In addition to the settings that comprise the Hotel and the Villas, the complete experience includes spaces and structures constructed for the guests' comfort and well-being.

Tennis and Padel

If playing tennis and padel is part of your daily activities, the court immersed in the Atlantic Forest will guarantee that you can keep up your routine. How about starting your day with an early workout - and following it up with a healthy breakfast?

Wellness Deck

By appointment, a personal trainer guides the functional training through physical exercises that develop necessary daily skills - here enhanced by the natural environment of our facilities. The practice can also be carried out on your own if the guest is familiar with the sport.


Surrounded by Atlantic Forest and blue sea, with 360º panoramic views, the Rooftop Lounge & Bar offers peaceful moments in complete synergy with nature


Situated in the Villas do Resende Condominium Complex, home to the Barracuda Hotel & Villas, the helipad is equipped to receive exclusive landings throughout the day at no additional cost. Geographic coordinates: 14 16 48, 44 S 38 59 04, 63 W