Barracuda Hotel & Villas small luxury hotels


Sun from North to South

Featuring architecture that's in complete synergy with the native forest, the Hotel consists of 17 suites. Designed so that the natural light and sea breeze are integrated into the environment, the accommodations have a minimalist design which values the textures of natural fibers, such as the straw of oil palms and wood surfaces. The ample verandas allow the surrounding biodiversity to foster moments of relaxation.

In the Hotel's main building, the indoor and outdoor social settings, such as the bar and restaurant, are interconnected with the deck area and infinity pool overlooking the sea. The stunning Rooftop Lounge Bar is another space that can host encounters at the end of happy, sunny days. For lovers of yoga and functional training practices, the Wellness Deck, surrounded by nature, provides moments of well-being for the body and soul.