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Summer: 86°F
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Itacaré, Bahia, Brazil
Almost 300 years of history

The Barracuda Group's properties are situated in Itacaré, 534 kilometers south of Salvador, the capital of Bahia state, on the so-called Cacao Coast. Though it has a population of 30,000, Itacaré maintains its pace dictated by the phases of the moon, the tide table and the slow rhythm of life.
The region got this nickname from the bountiful production of the fruit that serves as the base for chocolate. Thanks to the cacao plantations, which enriched neighboring cities like Ilhéus, 73 kilometers to the south (and where the nearest airport is located), Brazil became the largest cacao producer in the world in 1920.

The Itacaré coast made its way into the international surfing circuit when it was discovered by a group of European surfer friends. From that point on, the tourism spotlights turned to this small fishing village. It stands out from other parts of the famed Bahia coast where the landscape is limited to tall coconut trees on lowlands flanking the waveless ocean waters.
In Itacaré, added to this idyllic geography is the only stretch of the state where small beaches with perfect waves are intercut and covered by rocky slopes covered in lush Atlantic Forest. It's a rare vegetation, with one of greatest biodiversities in the world per square meter.

How to
get there

São Paulo - Ilhéus: 2 hour flight
Salvador - Ilhéus: 30 min flight
Heliport: Geographic coordinates:
14 16 48.44 S 38 59 04.63 W

Rua Pedro Longo, 600 | Pituba | Itacaré | Bahia
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