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Bahian hospitality with a Scandinavian accent

More than hospitality,

a lifestyle .

By the ocean, celebrating the pleasure of living, honoring the preserved nature of southern Bahia and respecting the fascinating local culture. The art of authentic hospitality is in the DNA of the Barracuda Group's two hotels.

With Scandinavian refinement and Brazilian levity, the Barracuda Hotel & Villas and Barracuda Boutique seek to create unique connections and elevate well-being in every detail and moment made to order for their guests.
The art of fine reception lies in the details


A love story.

Love of a place, of its people, of life there, surrounded by nature.

Itacaré was the setting for the encounters that were the origin of the Barracuda journey.

It was the summer of 2004 in Bahia that Juliana Ghiotto, a designer from São Paulo, Daniel Lima, a local surfer, and a group of Swedish friends, composed of hoteliers, entrepreneurs and artists, first met.

Having fallen in love with this privileged land beside the Atlantic Ocean, they joined forces to create a life project together. The union with the community, of shared intentions and values, made it possible for them to realize their dream: To make this natural paradise home and, at the same time, a hotel.
It was a local fish with lots of personality that inspired the name given to this unique hospitality experience in Brazil: The Barracuda Group.
With Bahia's blessings, surrounded by Atlantic Forest and with a view of the ocean, the hosts at Barracuda live to share the best of life in Itacaré with the guests that come to visit.

The Barracuda Group allocates 2% of its lodging revenue to the Yandê Itacaré Institute, which supports and runs 7 socio-environmental projects, including the CO2 Legal Tourism Program - Guardians of the Climate.