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Natural and
cultural immersion

Once we explore nature and interact with the people of the place, the chemistry of a stay at the Barracuda Hotel & Villas is complete. A menu of authentic experiences in the surrounding area fosters this connection between visitors, Itacaré and its people in a genuine manner.

The staff of Bahia natives are the ones that provide a surprising curatorship of natural and cultural immersion experiences that supply guests with memorable moments, imbuing them with Barracuda's proposals.

In addition to the menu of activity ideas, what the Barracuda Tribe does best is create new tailor-made experiences. The guest brings the wish. Barracuda makes it come true. Their expertise, constant study and legitimate knowledge of the region qualify this team to customize transformative experiences.

Surfing in Paradise

What differentiates Itacaré from Bahia's calmer coastline are its waves, excellent for surfing. Surfers from all over Brazil and around the world came here in the 1980s, bringing airs of a surfing village with them. Visitors can take surfing lessons or travel to surf the best spots in Itacaré.

Itacaré Secret Spots

Venture into the most beautiful landscapes of Itacaré accompanied by those who understand more about our city and its mysteries, our people. During these secret journeys, forget your destination and focus on the present moment. Observing and absorbing each scene, each texture, each aroma. Woods, mangroves, rivers, waterfalls, paradisiacal beaches and lots of native life.

Oceanic Fishing

The sea nourishes life in Itacaré, in every way. With a continental shelf very close to the coast (6 miles) and a rich and abundant marine life. In Itacaré, fishing has always been part of the culture, being considered as a of the best places in Bahia to practice. The sailor has all the local knowledge and sport fishing is practiced with electric reel and manual reel, in trolling (drag) or deep-sea fishing, at the customer’s choice.

By Boat in Camamu Bay

When the wind blows in our face with the smell of sea salt and we see the natural beauty of Camamu Bay, we are sure that we have reached another part of paradise. A bath in calm waters, the fish grilled on the banana leaf and the taste of fresh coconut water. The greatest luxury that nature can offer you.

Yoga & Outdoor Gym

Under the blessings of nature, in a space that looks like it's emerging from the Atlantic Forest, perfect for quieting the mind, aligning the body and elevating the spirit, Barracuda Hotel & Villas offers yoga and meditation classes three times a week and at any time upon prior request.

Barracuda Therapy

Itacaré provides moments of self-discovery and self- care. Being well with yourself and conquering a more balanced mind is the basis for enjoying this context more intensely. A massage on the suite balcony with the sea breeze, the sound of birds and the smell of “blends” made with our essential oils provide unique moments.